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House and Gardens Special Kitchens Edition

Our Chatswood Kitchen project is in this month’s (March, 2021) House and Garden’s Special Kitchens Edition. Check it out!


Inside Out – Freestone House

Our Freestone House project is in this month’s issue of InsideOut magazine!


House and Gardens – Turramurra House

Thankyou House and Gardens for publishing our Turramurra Townhouse project – our interpretation of stylish downsizing!

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Inside Out Magazine – Lavender Bay

Our Lavender Bay project in this month’s Inside Out magazine!

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Inside Out Magazine – North Bondi

Thankyou InsideOut for publishing our North Bondi Apartment in this month’s February, 2020 issue.  This project has received a lot of love!


The Top 19 Inspirational Australian Interior Design Studios of 2019 – VELA

Thankyou Vela for nominating us as your Top 19 Inspirational Australian Interior Design Studios of 2019. We are in good company! Link to article here:

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Belle Magazine

We are honoured to have our North Bondi project featured in the August/September issue of Belle Magazine. Be sure to grab a copy  at your local shops – available on Monday 8th July, 2019.

Photography: Prue Ruscoe,  Styling: Claire Delmar

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Australian Interior Design Awards Shortlist

We are incredibly proud to announce that our North Bondi Apartment has been shortlisted for the 2019 Australian Interior Design Awards – Residential Decoration Category.

Here are all the category finalists:

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Is Good Design Truly Accessible?

As Australian designers, when it comes to selecting furniture and lighting we are spoilt for choice. We are fortunate to have access to some amazing home-grown designs through local suppliers such as Jardan, Zuster, Koskela, Temperature Design, just to name a few. We also have suppliers who champion overseas design and who support and foster originality in design and engineering – Cult, Great Dane, Hub Furniture and Living Edge are some of our favourites.

At Studio Quarters, we believe that good design involves an original idea, quality construction that will stand the test of time and most importantly, comfort.

But is good design truly accessible to everyone? We believe the answer is yes. Sure, classic pieces may not be affordable to all of us even though we know that when purchasing a classic piece, we are investing in an item that has integrity, is well-made and keeps its monetary value over time. For those of us with a smaller budget, original good-quality design that is comfortable is certainly availably in the market, albeit with a bit more research.

Below are 5 examples of classic pieces that we love and more affordable similar alternatives.

Note: prices are recommended retail prices only and may vary depending on finishes and details and excludes freight.


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Interior Designer, Interior Decorator, Interior Stylist – what’s the difference?

The role of an Interior Designer/ Interior Architect, Interior Decorator and Stylist can sometimes be interchangeable but there are definite differences between the various roles – handy to know when one is looking for the right professional.

Interior Designer/ Interior Architect

Interior Designers/Interior Architects are usually tertiary qualified with either a Diploma or Degree. Designers can assist in space planning, the selection of wall and floor finishes, fittings and fixtures for wet areas, architectural lighting, designing of kitchens, bathrooms and any custom cabinetry.

Designers are also able to assist in the selection of furniture, rugs, decorative lighting, window coverings, accessories and art work to suit the built space.

Interior Designers can either work on projects on their own if the scope is predominantly internal changes or collaborate with an architect to coordinate the design of the interiors with the architecture. They are usually responsible for drawing and specifying the design to a level suitable for accurate pricing and can also work with various trades during the site management of interiors component to see it through to completion.

A good interior designer will be able to start with a strong concept that shows their understanding of the client’s needs and aesthetic preferences. Through a rigorous process of designing, selecting and fine-tuning, good designers are able to pull together a home that looks cohesive and well-thought through.

Interior Decorator

An interior decorator is usually engaged once the structure and spaces are built. They are able to assist in the selection of furniture, rugs, decorative lighting, accessories and art to complete a space. Decorators are also able to assist in the choices of window coverings. Their expertise is in understanding how to combine colours, textures, patterns and form to create spaces that fit into the built environment.


A stylist is usually involved in staging a space, sometimes for a photoshoot for publications and sometimes staging a space just for viewing, such as for an open house. Their expertise is to set up a space to set a mood or scene. Stylists can either bring in their own furniture or hire them on your behalf. They work their magic through tweaking the layout of furniture and accessories making it look just right.

(photo credit: Pierre Yovanovitch via Pinterest)