Studio Quarters


At Studio Quarters, we believe it is a privilege to design your home. Our approach to every project is to clearly understand who we are designing for.

There is no cookie‐cutter solution – each design is tailored to the very specific needs of each client.

We value integrity in the way we relate to our clients, our contractors, staff and suppliers as well as in the design choices we make for each home.

“Studio Quarters is a young vibrant design team whose work is of a very high standard. With a strong pedigree in Architecture and Interior Design they produce projects that are relevant to modern day living and design aesthetic. Their disciplined detailing and informed documentation provide a clear path from the outset ensuring success for both the client and required trades who implement the designs.”

North Shore Custom Cabinetmaking

Interior Design

New Build and Renovation – working with architects to integrate the architecture and the interiors or working directly with clients.

Concept Design

Space planning

Selection of General finishes – floors, tiles, wall finishes such as wallpaper or paint.

Custom design kitchens and bathrooms including structural and cosmetic changes and the selection of finishes, fittings, fixtures and appliances.

Bespoke cabinetry including wardrobes.

Interior Decorating

Selection of furniture, lighting, rugs, soft furnishings, artwork and decorations.

Design of window treatment.

Design of custom upholstery and cushions.