Studio Quarters

Bondi 2

The design of this terrace in Bondi focuses on exploring the balance of quietness and warmth through precision detailing and a rigorous selection of materials and finishes.

A palette of muted tones with subtle layering of details creates a space that is both deliberate and void of fuss – an interior that exudes warmth and interest without any particular element competing for attention.

Moments of boldness are incorporated into the details to give the design a contemporary edge but are used with rest raint.

Minor modifications were made to the plan – the kitchen with its hidden powder room and the ensuite where there is now a more natural flow between the master bedroom, ensuite and robe.

The brief wasn’t so much to alter the plan but to capture the intangible – a calming space to unwind for our client and her young family. The interior spaces offer a variety of experiences; spaces that cocoon and others that unashamedly embrace the natural light and aspect, with a continuity of quietness that is consistent throughout.