Studio Quarters

North Bondi

Located in the beachside suburb of North Bondi, this Art-Deco apartment has been thoughtfully renovated and decorated by re-interpreting the typical beachside aesthetic.

The brief was to create a mature space with a sense of retreat for a client with a busy corporate life, all within a tight budget.

The approach was to use continuous colour on joinery, walls and ceiling as a way of highlighting the existing qualities of the space as it transitions from a dark entry to a well-lit living area. The bold application of colour resulted in creating an unexpected visual impact as once moves through the space.

A calming dusty green, inspired by the ocean hues was used to soften the experience as one enters the space. Applying the same colour on the walls, ceilings and joinery, created a seamless, visually calming aesthetic.

This concept extends into the adjacent bathroom and bedrooms where the intentional application of wrapping the walls and ceiling in the same cocooning colour creates a sense of retreat.

As one progresses to the rear of the apartment, the space opens to an airy, light filled living area where the fresh white acts as a backdrop to the contemporary furnishings in the living/dining space.