Studio Quarters

Freestone House

The brief was to renovate a 3-bedroom house located in the leafy suburbs of Sydney’s Hills District. The client requested for a contemporary, light and bright interior with robust materials to take the usual wear and tear of an active family.

The original 1960s red brick house was once a dark and unwelcoming space. By opening up the front rooms we were able to introduce an abundant amount of natural light into the new combined kitchen/dining and living area. This new space is both warm and welcoming and has a great sense of spaciousness despite its modest footprint.

Accommodating a substantial amount of storage was key to the brief. Aside from the ample storage in the kitchen, entrance, hallway and TV entertainment, we employed a clever partition/storage device between the semi-open study area and the kitchen. Acting as both a screen and storage, it connects the study to the rest of the living space whilst affording enough privacy for working.

The palette of natural oak timber and marine blue used in sweeping gestures serves to anchor the space, giving it strength and character. In other areas such as the bathrooms, the layering of glossy bathroom tiles and terrazzo flooring in accent colours serves to add another layer of texture to the palette.