Studio Quarters


The existing kitchen was contained in its own room with one small entry point. The client’s brief was to renovate the kitchen with a more contemporary aesthetic and to include a servery window which connected the kitchen to the dining area. The servery window would act as a visual connection – they would be able to watch the kids whilst cooking, as well as provide a quicker route to get food through to the dining room.

Being avid cooks, we also needed to accommodate for the vast number of appliances and cookware the client owns as well as provide general storage to the living spaces.

In thinking about the flow of the space from the entrance to the kitchen and then the dining/living, we realised the footprint of the existing kitchen had a lot of wasted circulation. Our approach was to make the existing floor area work more efficiently, to maximise storage, to create a more seamless flow between the areas and to create a a greater sense of space.

With some structural changes we opened up the kitchen, creating direct access to the rest of the apartment and forming two entry points into the space. With the structural modification, we were able to accommodate more storage by piggy-backing joinery on both sides of the hallway/ kitchen.

Extending the joinery into the dining area and further into the living room entertainment unit not only created extra storage space but visually extends the eye beyond the kitchen and effectively created a much larger space.

This newly renovated kitchen is not only beautiful and calming but exceeded the client’s expectation of how to effectively physically and visually connect spaces within a small footprint.